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A Proven Track Record and Real Answers To...
~ Who can help jumpstart my career and has a team who can help take me to the next level?

~ Who can teach me how to be a better songwriter and get that great song that will get some attention?
~ Who can help me find my voice and true self as an artist?

~ Who can I really trust with my career who has a solid rep and I know will always be honest, truthful, and deliver?
~ Who can I count on to deliver a great song for my Film, TV, or Commercial project?
~ When ready and as needed, who can help me with finding a vocal coach, choreographer, photographer, videographer, image/styling consultant, music attorney, agent, personal manager, social media mgmt, PR, label services, distribution, publisher, record company, etc. ?

Please see menu sub-pages for details on Songwriting, Music Production, and Artist Development

Please contact Erik to discuss your project.

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