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Erik is a truly a family man. No differently, he treats his artists like he is working with family.  And, in no time, it's pretty easy to see why everyone becomes part of Erik's family.  Erik provides a personalized 1-on-1 unparalled personal Artist Development service with detailed care in everything he does.  And, to be clear, Erik ONLY takes on projects he feels passionate about. The process ideally always starts the same, Erik and the artist first get to know each other, do lots of talking (background, experience, dreams, short/long-term expectations, and all things music and personal), critically listen to music the artist loves and has been inspired and influenced by. They also listen to the artist's most recent songs, and after a relationship built on mutual trust, appreciation, and understanding, only then does the creative process begin. 

Erik adds "Sure, I can dive right in on a song especially if I hear other representative work or have some heads up on style and sound.  But, I want each song to be crafted for the artist as if I'm just an extension of the artist, kind of like a  'heart and soul booster plug-in'.  After all, it's the artist's agenda, not mine. I'm here to help the artist navigate and use my talents and experience to ideally shortcut their path. Sometimes that happens on the first session and some artists, especially very young new artists, just need time. If I'm in, I'm all-in, no mattter the time. Once I know the artists, their vision, their strengths and weakness, we focus on all areas.  Of course, as a songwriter, I focus on songs.  But, it goes much deeper. We explore the artist overall sound and how to make that identifiable and unique, studio and performance techniques, and songwriting techniques. And, when/where appropriate we work with finding the right vocal coach, choreographer, photographer, videographer, image/styling consultant.  In some cases*, Erik can also help with finding a music attorney, agent, personal manager, social media mgmt, PR, label services, distribution, publisher, record company, etc.  I just make sure all my artists know the keys to success include patience, dedication, the challenges and reality in the business, and at the top of the list is always 'the song'.  You can have the greatest voice, production, video, the best team, but without a song that sounds like it could be a hit, you have nothing.  I make sure I'm clear, I promise I will make you a better artist and help write songs that will elevate your chances at success. But, anyone who promises success is someone you should beware."  


Erik's work has led to deals at MCA, Warner Bros, and most recently, his artist Avonlea, signed at APG/Atlantic/Art Club International. Now 19, Erik discovered Avonlea when she was only 11 years old performing "Summertime" with a jazz band at the Sonoma County Fair in Northern California. Erik and Avonlea spent many countless hours together and years honing her skills. Erik adds "All my music friends thought I was crazy taking on an 11 year old, let alone writing with her.   I remember our first session when her dad Bret first asked if I'd be interested in writing with her.  I kinda chuckled thinking, this girl's only 11. What can she really bring to the table?  Bret obviously saw that in my face and said, 'Erik, just let her play you some of her own songs, get your thoughts, and go from there'.  I also then thought to myself, it is your rule to let the artist lead. So, Avonlea sat at my piano, played two song starts, and all I can rememeber thinking was 'WOW'.  I knew right then I was working with a true musical prodigy. And, as many hours as I spent working with Avonlea with hours of in-studio exercises, writing, recording, etc., I probably spent even more hours helping Bret navigate Avonlea's career, at some point becoming Avonlea's co-manager. Working with Avonlea has been one of the greatest honors and pleasures in my life. I'm so proud to not only see her grow up as a seriously talented artist who I feel will make a difference in the world with her music, but, just as meaningful, she's like my second daughter to me and her dad is one of my best friends."


Over the years, Erik has collaborated with many artists, writers, producers, and musicians in various genres.   In an age where Artist Development is pretty much a lost art, legendary record executive Jerry Greenberg**, has recognized Erik's ability as a real deal Artist Development professional who takes the time to do things right, top to bottom, as was done back in the day. Erik has worked with Jerry for nearly 15 years writing songs for his artists and bringing him new artist projects.  With a perfect track record, Jerry took on every artist Erik ever brought. After having Jerry meet Avonlea and hearing only one song, Jerry turned to Erik and said "Why don't we just become partners?"  Jerry and Erik  teamed up with  their venture Mirage Music Management (MMM), a boutique Personal Management, Publishing, & Artist Development Company.   Now YOU can take advantage of Erik and Jerry's many years of experience and work with a who's who list of writers, producers, musicians, vocal coaches, dance/stage movement, image/styling consultants, photographers, videographers, social media management, PR, video marketing, label services companies, etc.  And, when ready, introductions to record label executives, publishers, agents, managers, and other industry executives.  MMM is available for consultation on an hourly rate or a monthly retainer basis. Like Songwriting and Music Production, spec projects are welcome provided MMM and the artist enter into an exclusive repreentation agreement.  Please contact Erik to discuss fees and your project and budget consultation.

**Jerry Greenberg - Legendary Record Executive. Former President Atlantic, ATCO, MGM/UA, WTG, Mirage, and Michael Jackson's label MJJ/Sony; responsible for signing ABBA, Foreigner, Genesis, Hall & Oates, Whitesnake, Motorhead, Chic, Nile Rogers, Easy E & Dr. Dre, etc. and working with AC/DC, Aretha Franklin, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, The Bee Gees, Eric Clapton, Michael Jackson, etc.

SUBMISSION TIPS & SPEC PROJECTS:  As noted above, spec projects and unsolicited material are welcome under the right circumstance.  Please, no initial phone or live auditions.  Please submit links to your website and/or social media. Ideally, please have your representative contact Erik. For minors, please have your parent/guardian or representative contact Erik. Please be sure your links include music, videos, picture(s), bio (incl. where you live, any professional experience and/or training including music instruments played and vocal coaching, credits, and contact info for any representation, i.e. manager, agent, legal representation, etc.). Or, if you have no website or social media, email me jpg pictures, a bio (.doc or pdf), and MP3's. Be sure your MP3 best represents your current sound and skills (be very careful about intonation, tone, timing, original sound, articulation, etc.).  Your recordings do NOT need to be radio-ready sounding. Ideally please provide original songs and/or great covers so Erik can start assessing what may or may not be need in your career.  Ultimately, just your voice and a piano or guitar is fine.  One song is fine, three is best.


Spec projects ONLY accepted with written song guarantees and other standard provisions used by industry professionals.

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