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~ All Genres ~

If you ask any real pro in the business, they'll all say that there are three rules to finding success in the music business.  Rule #1, have a hit song. Rule #2, have a hit song. Rule #3, have a hit song.  Sure, a killer artist and hot production are very important as well as an engaged social media following, a unique sound and identity, a strong image, and a solid team.  But, everything starts with a hit song.  Erik is first and foremost, a songwriter.

As a topline (melody/lyrics) writer, Erik is much like a chameleon.  He has the gift of being able to adapt and write in most all genres including Top 40 Pop, Dance, Singer/Songwriter, Rock, Country, R&B/Soul, AC, Hip Hop, etc.  Erik treats every song with the craft and care of a true professional.  When it comes to artist projects, Erik prefers to really get to know the artist and reach inside their soul to pull out a great song and collaboration.  This is probably why Erik's relationships are so enduring. Erik is available to write directly with an artist (or group) or independently. When writing with an artist who knows their own identity and direction, Erik's approach is to follow the artists' agenda (never Erik's agenda), simply embellishing and lifting the songwriting to a new level, discovering new paths and direction.  If artist and song development are needed, Erik can certainly take lead to help the artist better their overall artistic skills and create a great song.  Generally, Erik likes to write songs through the first hook of a song. Then, taking a step back, all parties review the song. If all parties love the song start, the song is completed. Otherwise, Erik prefers to start another song.  This way, energy, time, and efforts are best spent delivering a song everyone feels has a better chance for success and captures the true spirit of the artist and/or project.

Erik is equally talented writing for Film/TV/Commercial projects and can often quickly turnaround songs that are produced with vocals and mixed within 24-48 hours for the fast-paced world of TV.  With experience writing for several major libraries and music content providers, 100's of TV placements, and #1 and #2 Top Billboard Soundtrack credits, Erik certainly delivers.

Erik understands and knows there are many songwriters and producers who don't charge for their services and work on spec. Erik certainly takes on spec writing projects for the right signed acts and sync opportunities. Respectfully, Erik takes on spec projects for unsigned legitimate artist projects with great promise and ideally a management/professional team, label interest, an engaged social media following, etc.  However, for most new and unsigned artists, Erik's songwriting is available at a reasonable fee including writing time (no time limit; just write a great song; if the song start is not exciting then move on to another new song) and a rough demo with vocal + guitar/piano (artist provided).  As with all projects, total recording time varies with package fees.  Although Erik would like to offer his songwriting services to all artists who inquire, his time and results are valuable which often jumpstart careers and certainly open doors for sync and other placement opportunities.   Please contact Erik to discuss fees and your project and budget consultation.


Please note*, all paid songwriting is NOT a work-for-hire, unless expressly agreed upon in writing for ghost-writing buyout. Regardless of fee based or spec, Erik must always believe in and love the artist and project.  Please contact Erik to discuss your project and fees. All legitimate inqiuiries and opportunities welcome

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