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Tailored For Your Project

Over the years, out of the need to have his song melodies recorded and performed correctly with the right timing, dynamics, and emotional feel, Erik has developed his craft of production, in particular, vocal production and styling.  Erik knows how to get a great vocal out of developing and even veteran artists helping artists discover and reach new levels. Although demanding, only wanting the best for the artist and for the song, his efforts are always professional and done lovingly as a team effort with everyone working together with one shared artist vision in focus.


Erik operates out of his own world-class studio with equipment most top Grammy-wiinning #1 hit making producers and industry pros would agree is the the best recording signal path (top mics to fit the recording > real vintage Neve 1073 pre-amps > outboard DBX 160VU's, UA 2-1176, or UA LA2A compressor/limiters > Apogee Rosetta 800 AD/DA converter using all Mogami cables).  For live grand piano and/or drums Erik records at Grammy winning Producer Mikal Blue's Revolver studios (Westlake Village), Grammy winning Producer J.J. Blair's Fox Force Five Studios (Hollywood Hills), award winning Producer/Engineer Michael Vail Blum's Titan Studios (Sherman Oaks), or a number of other top studios in town.

As with every artist and song, each production has it's own recording requirements with vocal and music recording, editing, engineering, musicians, programmers, additional background vocalists (if needed), mixing, and mastering. All production is world-class and inclusive of appropriate vocal and background recording/production, music tracks (incl. programmed or live piano/drums/bass, keys, live guitar, bass, piano, drums, strings, horns, winds, and other instruments also available), mixing, and mastering.  Please contact Erik to discuss your project and budget.

Erik welcomes spec projects with signed acts and sync opportunities.  And in some cases, Erik takes on unsigned developing artists on spec provided he's moved by the project/artist and his investment in his efforts are sensibly protected (please see below). 

SUBMISSION TIPS & SPEC PROJECTS:  As noted above, spec projects and unsolicited material are welcome under the right circumstance.  Please, no initial phone or live auditions.  Rather, please submit links to your website and/or social media so Erik can listen to your voice and songs. Ideally, please have your representative contact Erik. For minors, please have your parent/guardian or representative contact Erik. Please be sure your links include music, videos, picture(s), bio (incl. where you live, any professional experience and/or training including music instruments played and vocal coaching, credits, and contact info for any representation, i.e. manager, agent, legal representation, etc.). Or, if you have no website or social media, email me jpg pictures, a bio (.doc or pdf), and MP3's. Be sure your MP3 best represents your current sound and skills (be very careful about intonation, tone, timing, original sound, articulation, etc.).   Your recordings do NOT need to be radio-ready sounding. Ideally please provide original songs and/or great covers so Erik can get to know you and start assessing how to help your career.  Ultimately, just your voice and a piano or guitar is fine.  One song is fine, three is best. It can be a studio recording, phone recording, whatever.  Either way, please be sure your submission is clearly audible, your and showcases you in the best light.

Spec projects ONLY accepted with written song guarantees and other standard provisions used by industry professionals. All legitimate inquiries and opportunities welcome.

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