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Songwriting, Production, & Artist Development

~ Crafting Perfect Songs & Helping Artists Reach Their Dreams ~

Erik Isaacs is a Los Angeles-based Songwriter, Music Producer, and Artist Development professional with major label, film, TV credits, and work that has led to artists signing record deals (MCA, Warner Bros, and most recently APG/Atlantic) including work with many top contestants featured on American Idol, The Voice, and America's Got Talent . Erik has garnered various awards and worked with a who's who list of Grammy winning/nominated #1 hit artists, songwriters, and producers including major label  albums and Film/TV credits.   



Like a chameleon, Erik covers a number of genres and sound styles always remaining current and relevant.  Erik first focuses his attention on the craft of Songwriting using his topline (melody/lyric writing) talents to deliver the perfect song.  Erik's ability to reach into the soul of an artist, capture the emotion for a Film/TV/Commercial scene or credits, or a commercial is truly a remarkable gift.


Erik uses his own studio with top-of-the-line professional A-series gear for most all of his recordings (please see More > Studio page). Erik also works with a network of top track producers, musicians, and mixing and mastering engineers to deliver that high-end polished release-ready master.  


As an Artist Development professional, Erik uses a number of techniques to help developing artists quickly hone their skills. The process always starts with getting to know the artist, their vision or helping them find that vision, assessment of skills, songwriting and in-studio vocal work, while sharing knowledge of the music business itself.  

Beyond his musical abilities, Erik is a genuine and sincere family man, never caught up in the "game or hype in the biz".   Erik deeply understands his purpose in make this world a better place through music.

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